Our members enjoy an active range of activities on the water.  
We have monthly, year-round cruise-outs when our members take their boats (or their cars) to other Bay and Delta yacht clubs, such as Napa, St. Francis, Benicia and Encinal Yacht Clubs.  

2017 MYC Cruise Out Schedule

January 13 - 15 Marina Bay Diefendorf
March 3 - 5 Home Port Cruise Hamel

May 12 - 14 - New Date October 15th
Angel Island Flag Cruise Flag/Board
May 19 - 21
Oakland Yacht Club Olsen/Siegan
May 28 - June 4
Commodores Cruise to Cuba Essayan
June 11 - 19 Delta Summer Cruise Diefendorf/Wheeler
July 21 - 23 Benicia Yacht Club
Aug 4 - 6 South Beach Yacht Club Burnsworth
August 25 - 27 Napa Yacht Club Purvis
September 5 - 12
Blue Water Cruise Diefendorf
September 22 - 24, October 6 - 8
Tinsley Island St. Francis YC
November 18 - 19                                                                   St. Francis YC                                                              Serrano

MYC Cruising Points

What is that handsome swallow-tailed pennant that you are flying? 

The blue and gold pennant with the blue stars is our official cruising flag, designed by longtime member Bob Jenson and authorized by the Board of Directors in 1984.  It may be flown by any Member who participates in a Club Cruise. 

Download the Cruising Program with all the details on how to get started and the current point totals.  After you have completed one cruise, go to the office and pick-up a pennant (there is a small charge). After four cruises you can pick up a star.  Remember to keep your cruise log up to date with each cruise and get it validated at the end of the year with either the Cruise Director or the Cruise Chairman.

Newer members may wonder as to how others have accumulated dozens of points.  The answer is longevity and blue water cruises that cover thousands of miles and months of living aboard. “Parking” your boat in a Delta marina for the summer does not qualify one for these extra points.  For those over-achievers who wish to lead in number of points earned, take comfort knowing that when another member sails to that big Yacht Club in the sky, the name is then stricken from the rolls and you will move up a step.  Bon Voyage! 

2016 Cruising Log 
To review the 2016 cruising log please 'Click Here'