Club Pool

The Club Pool is located in the recreational facility and for the pleasure of our members and guests. The pool is surrounded by tables, chairs, umbrellas, and lounge chairs which makes for a great place to enjoy the sun. The BBQ grills make the pool a popular place for casual lunch/dinner and private parties. Please be aware that there is no Life Guard on duty.


9:00am to Sunset (heated April to October)


Pool Capacity: 20 Adults and/or Children.  Children under age 14 must have an adult in attendance for pool use; all children are to be supervised.
No pets allowed (unless service animal).
No Diving, no exceptions - shallow pool, diving could result in injury.
No running or pushing on the pool decks.
No roughhousing outside or inside the clubhouse.
All children in diapers must wear swim diapers in the pool.
No smoking in the pool areas.
No glass or other breakable containers are allowed in the pool or spa or on the pool decks and surrounding areas.
No electrical devices should be used in or about the pool areas. Battery operated devices (radios, CD players, etc.) may be used with personal earphones and appropriate volume control.
Food should be consumed away from the pool areas. Garbage should be disposed of in the appropriate containers.
All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
All band-aids, hairclips and pins should be removed prior to entering the pool.
The Club is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

Emergency Information

Phone available in front of tennis clubhouse (no coins needed).

Emergency Lifesaving Techniques posted by pool. First Aid Kit located outside of clubhouse front door.

Member Registration

Members must sign in upon arrival at the Rec Facility. Sign-up sheet is located by the clubhouse front door. Member must note time of arrival, intended use (ie: pool and/or tennis court), number and names of guests (adult and/or children). Members must always accompany their guests. Number of guests is limited to four (4).