How to Join

The Marin Yacht Club welcomes and encourages new members, a key to any club's success and future. Our process for membership is designed to ensure that potential members learn about our club and know what to expect before making a commitment.  Our process, which is outlined below, may seem complicated but it really isn't.  And our members are available to assist you every step of the way.  Boat Ownership is not required.

If you are interested in joining:
 1. Contact our Membership Committee Chair and let them know of your interest. A tour of the club's facilities will be arranged and membership explained.  If you know someone who is already a member, and they plan to sponsor you, have them join you on the tour.
2. After your tour, if you would like to move forward, complete a Membership Application and make sure your Sponsor completes a Sponsorship Form.  Please contact the Membership Chair for help and further information on sponsorship.
3.  Once the application, initiation fee and sponsorship forms are ready, you'll be invited to attend a Membership Committee meeting.
4.  After the Membership Committee has met you and approved your application, they will bring your application before the full Board of Directors for approval.
5.  Once you're approved by the Board, the Club membership will be notified by mail.  After a two week comment period, you'll be contacted by the Membership Chairperson.

Please note that if you are a boat owner and wish to berth your boat in our harbor, you must first become a member.  When membership is approved, boat owners are eligible to purchase berthrights or rent berths.  No live aboards or long term overnights are allowed in our harbor.

Membership Application
Sponsorship Form
Initiation Fees & Dues
Club Brochure